Papier und Licht

Anne-Katrin Bade

September / September - 2020

Kunsthochschule Kassel



FLYING PAPER is a poetic and honest pendant lamp. It hangs in space like a paper flying in the wind. Few and pure materials reveal openly and honestly how paper and light are connected to one another. The lamp shines on the ceiling and the light is distributed diffusely into the room. At the beginning of the project there was the question: How can a luminaire look for smaller and smaller metropolitan areas and increasingly scarce raw materials? The raw material paper is a basis for the design because it is light in weight, easy to work with, easy to produce and is easily translucent. The LED is the second important component because it is very small, compact and efficient and therefore allows smaller and lighter designs of luminaires. FLYING PAPER combines the simple, everyday and warm material paper with the technical and cool-looking LED. The pure light comes with just two components, paper and LED.