Hyungkwon Kim

Oktober / October - 2019

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach



The new tram for Offenbach leading to new further development opportunities in Offenbach could contribute.

What is the Topic?

The city of Offenbach is going through a change. It new buildings are built and new environments are created. Offenbach has a lot of potential. Initially Offenbach is in the Near Frankfurt. That is why Offenbach is a city in which there are always a lot of people on the road. And there is beautiful nature in Offenbach. You can enjoy nature along the Main. After all, Offenbach has its own city image, for example in the Offenbach Bürgel district there are still old houses from the 18th century. For these reasons and questions I developed my thesis.

Why does it look like this?

OTTO is the tram from Offenbach and for Offenbach. OTTO offers both new connection options between the Cities of Offenbach and Frankfurt as well as a new concept of local public transport. The character of the Double-decker tram OTTO relies on a retro style. The design facilities of the old tram number 16 bears to the design of OTTO. But inside there is modern Technology.

What is special?

DOUBLE-DECKER TRAM The seats are divided into two floors in order to transport passengers more comfortably. The first floor is a wide area. Here, passengers traveling a short distance can sit down briefly or stand up to their destinations. The first floor is available for strollers, bicycles and wheelchairs. The concept of the two floors is based on autonomous driving Front seats can be turned 90 and 180 degrees.

What is new?

1. When the chair is turned 90 degrees, a relatively wide passage and more space is createdfor the passengers. OTTOseating arrangements 2. If the chair is turned 180 degrees, a group (max. 6 people) can sit together and the space behind the chair can be used to store luggage. 3. There is also a room under the individual seat where you can put your things.