OON Light

Martin Tony Häußler

Mai / May - 2020

Kunsthochschule Kassel



OON Light is a smart, disc-shaped pendant lamp. Based on natural daylight, OON Light varies light color, intensity, and spatial distribution of light depending on the time of day. The lighting concept and luminaire design take into account the visual, emotional, and biological (non-visual) effects of light on humans.

What is the Topic?

OON Light is based on current findings of the young research field of ​​chronobiology and the effect of light on humans. Only with the discovery and characterization of new photosensitive retinal ganglion cells in the eye in the year 2001 has it been possible to understand more precisely how and in what form light influences our circadian rhythm / our internal clock. OON Light positions itself in a resulting new lighting concept called Human Centric Lighting (HCL). Against the background of the careless use of artificial light sources, OON Light embodies a return of artificial lighting to the natural dynamics of daylight. The concept focuses on humans and their individual and biological needs. The goal is to stabilize the circadian rhythm with a favorable influence on performance and concentration in active phases and a sustainable improvement of regeneration in recovery phases.

Why does it look like this?

The concept and design aim for the best possible result with regard to dynamic and melanopically (non-visual) effective lighting. The flat, round luminaire body consists of a special acrylic glass that emits light over the entire surface. An annular heat sink divides this part into two segments. In this way, OON Light receives two separately controllable light surfaces. Their dynamic interplay enables an extraordinary variance in light distribution. The disc-shaped light body is carried by inconspicuous thin wire ropes. The slim housing, which is mounted vertically on the ceiling, contains the light controller, the LED driver and the gripper for the luminaire suspension.

What is special?

When OON Light is unlit, the light modules are characterized by their crystal-clear transparency. This quality gives the luminaire a particularly unobtrusive, light and elegant appearance. Illuminated, the separately controllable segments are transformed into impressive and homogeneously illuminating light surfaces. The lighting variance ranges from a room-filling cold white light with intensive direct and indirect lighting for demanding visual tasks, up to a spot-like lighting with lower levels and warmer tones to optimize relaxation and prepare for sleep in the evening. Thanks to the integrated light control, OON Light can be controlled via app on mobile devices. Light scenes and timers can be created and individualized. These can also be linked to local sunrise and sunset times or turn OON Light into a light alarm clock to simulate an artificial morning dawn. OON Light can be used as a stand-alone solution or complement an existing smart home or IoT network.

What is new?

The HCL lighting concept and the effect of light on humans is part of current chronobiological research. Within the lighting industry, this knowledge leads to the latest innovations and initiates a paradigm shift in the use of artificial lighting. The combination of the new findings from research on lighting effects, innovative lighting technology options and advancing digitalization unite the future of lighting planning and design. My work addresses this current and future-oriented topic and translates it into OON Light.