Neue Denkerei – Raumkonzept für zeitgenössische Arbeitsformen

Nils Oertel

Juni / June - 2018

Kunsthochschule Kassel


It’s a mobile Space divider, Whiteboard, Tribune and Desk

What is the Topic?

The final Thesis, works on a design of a furniture for an agile working environment. Goal was to create a furniture, which allows to change and rearrange space by it’s actual needs and engages the users in the creation of their own working environments.

Why does it look like this?

By adding the function of a tribune, the divider is not reduced to its simple function of dividing. It’s enriched with the function of communality. In daily use, they are the meeting point for an office- or coworking community. For events, they can be used as tribunes for visitors. The smooth surface of the backcover made out of Multi-Wall panels is writable an can be used as a whiteboard. The open structure also offers to use the elements as a table. Based on wheels, the elements can be moved easily through space and offer a wide range of usage.

What is special?

The Elements offer an incomparable way of creating spaces based on the actual needs. Through the easy handling they involve the user in the creation of their own working environment. Moved in a team, the elements create community through its use.

What is new?

Today, working environments change faster than ever and demand flexible spacial structures. The elements offer the answer to the question „How do we want to work tomorrow?“. They offers the possibility to rearrange and change spaces to their actual use. The Elements can be built for different ceiling heights. Through that, they can be customized in an economic way.