Nils Nahrwold bei Prof. Frank Jacob (Entwurf) und Prof. Dr. Annika Frye (Theorie)

September / September - 2018

Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel


GhostRobotics.exe is a VR experience that translates the control of an Industrial Robotic Arm into virtual space and takes advantage of digitality and new perception. The combination, interaction and communication of human and machine, which arises here opens up a variety of applications.

What is the Topic?

Apart from the human-machine relationship, immersion in the design process, immersion design, or immersion design are the themes of the project. But the topic that is superordinate to all this is to give people, machines and digitality a common space that meets the demands and habits of the individual. This platform could not only enable new occupational fields or make it safer for humans, but could even revive old, less popular occupational groups.

Why does it look like this?

The concept of graphic design works towards the goal of developing a usable, practical, credible futuristic interface. The look and, above all, the interaction come from an endless test loop consisting of programming, testing and revising. The inclusion of immersive media in the creation of a lot of emphasis on look and feel, but especially on Feel.

What is special?

There are two noteworthy features about this project. On the one hand the combination of natural human interaction, technical precision and familiar computer interaction, which has caused a high acceptance in the user tests. And on the other hand, the reactions of the subjects. The subjects had different experiences with VR technologies, but almost everyone has unsolicited new suggestions for other use cases. This testifies to a successful scalability, credibility and extensibility of the project.

What is new?

New is neither VR, nor control of robots, only through the combination and the resulting opportunities are. The combination allows humans to be involved in automated processes and to redesign known processes.