Sarah Heber-Kohlmann

Februar / February - 2020

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Bachelor of Arts


myGROW is a modular growing system for sprouts and micro green.

What is the Topic?

The role of our daily diet is more important today than ever. We should not only ask ourselves what we put on the table, the origin of our food is also getting more and more importance. A market that all too often demands quantity rather than quality has led to a situation in which the permanent availability of cheap groceries has become the norm. In order to achieve seasonal independence, transport routes are getting longer. This - in addition to the environmental problems that arise directly from this - leads to veritable mountains of waste, as the products need better protection during their long journey. This industrial mass production destroys entire ecosystems and the environment is polluted by agrochemicals. myGROW is designed to provide a self-sufficient source of food within your own home and to encourage people to question their own perception of food. It provides a healthy supply of food all year round and offers a sustainable alternative to energy-intensive frozen foods or products from overseas. Sprouts can supply us with important nutrients and numerous secondary plant substances during the colder seasons. The small plant babys often even contain more vitamins and minerals than their adult siblings. The transport distance, however, remains extremely short: from the windowsill at home directly to the table.

Why does it look like this?

The individual elements, made of glass and absorbent ceramic, are adapted to the needs of different types of sprouts. The glass modules are tailored to the needs of light-germinating sprouts, whereby the unglazed absorbent clay creates an optimal microclimate. Those who like it dark are best kept in the opaque ceramic parts. The stackable elements offer variety in a small space. The use of high-quality materials makes myGROW a sustainable product. While being practical, the material contrast of clay and glass is also an attractive eye-catcher.

What is special?

The ensemble of clay and glass offers an easy way to grow healthy and tasty seedlings at home. The modules can be stacked to multiple levels. This allows you a diverse filling for growing several kinds of sprouts, according to your own taste. When rinsing, the water flows through the individual levels and is collected in the bowl at the bottom. It can be used to water other plants. You can peek through the glass top and watch the little seedlings grow under their light-flooded dome.

What is new?

The special design of the sieve inserts eliminates the need for holes that can be blocked by roots. The water can flow over the loosely placed sieves and cascades through the individual levels. Three narrow slits at the edge drain off excess water. The surface structure provides support for small seeds and large shoots keep dry feet. Good handling and easy usage are essential for quick success and fun in growing sprouts. The individual parts can be easily disassembled for cleaning and are quickly ready for their next use.