My feet are killing me

HP Lutsch

September / September - 2020

Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart



The human feet are chronically under-challenged by an urban lifestyle characterized by frequent and long sitting. Monotonous movement patterns as well as the wearing of tight, cushioned shoes deprive us of elementary sensory stimuli and contribute to the fact that the mobility and resilience of the feet gradually deteriorate from childhood onwards. The resulting impaired posture often leads to a variety of physical and mental problems. During my project, two concepts emerged that deal with this phenomenon in different ways: TOE TOW and BILL. TOE TOW is a subtle tool for balance training and foot massage, which can be integrated into everyday living space due to its playful and aesthetic quality; BILL is a unisex leisure shoe that combines the advantages of so-called “barefoot shoes” with the longevity of leather shoes that can be resoled.