Design Perspectives for the Music Album

Henning Oskamp

September / September - 2022

Fachhochschule Potsdam

Master of Arts


For decades, the physical music album with recording, booklet, and packaging in an independent corporate design was a central product on the music market and a standard container for music releases. The reception and success of albums was not based solely on their ability to reproduce music, but also on a holistic and visually elaborated product that offered different levels of artistic expression. Today, consumers hardly ever own playback devices for physical music media. If at all, they are often sold as fan articles and are never used for their original purpose. A newly developed product, whether digital or physical, would be a sensible development here, also from an environmental point of view. The “mono” device concept is intended to enable music listeners and fans to experience music holistically and on a haptic level again. At the same time, the disappearing culture of playing music would be brought into a sustainable form. pw: pesto