mobile workshop

Lena Hoppe & Jessica Grömminger

Juli / July - 2019

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Master of Arts


The master project mobile workshop includes research on mobile workshops and an action mobile with the right equipment for your participatory format.

What is the Topic?

mobile workshop deals with the question of how participative design processes can be implemented more easily by the target group on site. In the future of the design field, we see participatory and collaborative design processes as an important tool for shaping our environment. We want to motivate people to become active themselves and enable them with options for action and tools to implement their own designs. Not only in companies or institutions but also in politics, design decisions can respond more directly to the needs of the target group.

Why does it look like this?

The action mobile looks like this because we asked potential cooperation partners in Halle and Hanover about their wishes. The result is a cross-section of their wishes in our financial framework. It can be a mobile kitchen, planning office, workshop room, or mobile workshop. It offers seating for 10 participants, two tables, basic equipment for the workshop, which can be expanded or customized, material storage space approx. 2 sqm, kitchen, music, light. It is a visual magnet for your format. The mobile case offers us a VW cargo transporter.

What is special?

The special thing is the customizability for your format. The system also works in other mobile cases. We think on a scale between a backpack and a rocket.

What is new?

New is the idea of shared use of mobile equipment and space for participatory projects. Formats such as urban interventions, temporary installations or workshops. Working directly at the target group on-site, similar criteria are often required. Services such as transporting people, taking tools, material storage, external presentation of the project, workshop space, etc. must be negotiated again and again and purchased or rented from various service providers. By using the action mobile, some of them, ideally all of them, can be booked together for a project and used jointly. We also want to encourage people to implement more colorful, creative, participatory projects in this world. This is our contribution to it. Imitators wanted!