Mise en Place

Adah Griessbach

März / March - 2021

Bauhaus Universität Weimar

Master of Arts


The lending service “Mise en Place” offers Denn’s Biomarkt customers a convenient, affordable alternative to buying cheap electronics: a curated selection of high quality kitchen appliances from Manufactum that customers can easily rent from a vending machine located in the Denn’s anytime. Anyone who loves indulging in cooking but, as is increasingly often the case, doesn’t regularly, can either rent an appliance such as an ice cream machine for a couple of Euros spontaneously, reserve it in advance via the App, or check its availability and, if necessary, be shown to the location of the nearest available one. That way, customers can pick up a fondue pot along with cheese the day of their family get-together or get appliances and ingredients for a weekday supply of homemade hummus, fresh pasta, or dried fruit during their weekly shopping trip. The app and interface manage and simplify the rental process and inspire customers with recipes befitting the seasonally changing appliances.