Bell Booth

The Superstar From Home

Louis Stanley-Jones

Mai / May - 2022

Hochschule Magdeburg Stendal

Master of Arts


In the current situation, many people are looking for ways to pursue their passions from home and invest more time in themselves. This also applies to speakers who typically record their voice for film and television in a studio. However, in 2020, recording in a studio was impossible, and beginners often couldn't afford studio sessions. Setting up a soundproof booth at home can be a viable option, providing isolation from the outside world and privacy. It offers a customizable space for self-expression, allowing speakers to work from home while neighbors pursue their own dreams. In today's digital landscape, with platforms like YouTube and Spotify, having a home recording studio has become almost essential. The booth's design minimizes external noise, and acoustic foam helps capture clear sound. Natural light enters through a ceiling grid, and ventilation ensures a comfortable environment. Integrated lighting sets the mood. So, why wait any longer?