Ein Werkzeug-Set zum Umdenken / A tool set to reset thinking

Lilian Walters

Juli / July - 2021

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Bachelor of Arts


The soil beneath our feet and the processes that take place in it are essential for living beings and plants. However, it hardly gets any attention. MAWUBL puts the soil, as well as life on it and under it, in the foreground in the form of a garden tool set for children. Three principles of nature are involved in it: The mole shovel with a slight curvature and small prongs for digging in the ground. The worm digger, which like an earthworm, draws organic matter from the surface into the underground where it rots and enriches the soil with nutrients. And the watering leaf, which waters the soil in even, gentle jets and can be screwed onto any PET bottle with a standard cap. MAWUBL conveys to children in an abstract formal language what kind of tools nature has and encourages them to treat the ground more carefully and sustainably.