Florian Henschel

Oktober / October - 2020

Bauhaus Universität Weimar

Bachelor of Arts


MateriaLab is a system of science kits on the subject of waste and recycling. It offers children the opportunity to carry out various recycling and waste processes themselves.Used to support conventional teaching in elementary school, it makes theory tangible. This creates greater awareness of the value of waste and leads to responsible generation as well as disposal of it. The system consists of four boxes: the contents of the paper box and the plastic box enable students to carry out recycling processes using special tools and to produce material samples from the respective recyclable materials. In the bioplastics experiment, such a disc is also produced from a starch-based bioplastic. In the biowaste experiment, the samples are tested for durability using worms in a two-month long-term experiment. The discs produced can be turned into building blocks or taken commemorative medals.