Mastering Digital Cutting

Modalitäten der Interaktion in der roboterassistierten Chirurgie / Modalities of Interaction in Robotic-assisted Surgery

Dominic Eger Domingos

Januar / January - 2022

Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee

Master of Arts


Digitalization changes working environments for surgeons fundamentally: for the manipulation of matter, digital technologies created a hybrid interaction space by separating professionals from the matter and shifting their interventions into symbolic space. In transferring surgical cutting processes into symbolic space, the reliance on tacit knowledge and acquired manual skills are questioned. The design challenge: how can interfaces for surgical robots acknowledge professional skills and intuition? This research project establishes 10 modalities to frame the specific design challenges for digital cutting. A series of experiential prototypes explore concepts of digital materiality and physical interaction, considering conditions like temporality and dexterity. Furthermore, the modalities contribute to an interdisciplinary understanding of the complex interaction challenges, creating scenarios for enacting concepts thus fostering new ways of developing collaborative robotic tools.