Schule von morgen / School of tomorrow

Alexander Jürs

April / April - 2022

Bauhaus Universität Weimar

Bachelor of Arts


The pandemic has brought the topic of school more into focus. How will this time, with the knowledge about the learning process, influence the school? The learning process is individual and depends on many aspects, which can be included in project-based teaching concepts. Thus, one should construct knowledge actively and deal with learning contents more actively. This only succeeds in the right environment. The demands on the learning space have changed, it should enable as many learning scenarios as possible through well-thought-out equipment. With Marvo, the learning space shall become more flexible. With its frame, it serves as a work chair and stool. Without, the different cushions can form a learning and relaxation landscape. This creates temporary situations through which the students can make the space their own and react to their needs. The colourful combinable elements make it possible to express oneself individually and at the same time to get a sense of belonging.