Demokratisierung von Arbeitsschutz beim Löten / Democratization of occupational safety in soldering

Lucas Dieckmann

Januar / January - 2022

Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen

Bachelor of Arts


The LRA.01 is a solder fume extractor designed to make occupational safety accessible and democratize it. The soldering of electrical circuits releases soldering fumes that are harmful to health. Occupational health and safety guidelines therefore prescribe the use of an extraction system even for short work tasks. Employers are obliged to implement these guidelines. In FabLabs, Repair Cafés and for private individuals such as children or young people, the possibilities for occupational safety are limited by the financial budget. However, equipment available on the market that complies with the regulations is expensive. The use of standard parts and materials from building technology reduces the manufacturing costs of the LRA.01. The production also does not require expensive forming tools, as the sheet metal is formed using proven techniques and machines from the plumbing trade. This minimizes investment costs and the selling price, allowing more people to solder healthier and safer.