Elisa Holzer

Mai / May - 2020

Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg



Liv derived from the motivation and aim to help elderly people with isolated living conditions and restricted mobility to improve their quality of life by designing a mental and physically challenging exercise plan to become more active and independent. Liv is a platform that provides ideal health-fitness caretaking and supports individuals with personalized training content for their home training. It opens up the opportunity for physicists to supervise their patients at home in order to reduce poor adherence and increase the chances of cure significantly. Liv generates and teaches daily customized exercises for each individual user according to their health status and fitness level. Focussing on the optimization of exercising, motivation, support and knowledge transfer.

What is the Topic?

The topic evolves from the question how we are aging - on a personal, social and cultural level - and how we can design and shape the way we age in a better way. It’s about designing a tangible solution that provides many people with little acessebility to have an independent, self-determined and joyfull life with increasing age.

Why does it look like this?

The design derives from the limitations and variety of living contexts as well as user needs that exist and makes exercising possible for every spacial and individual condition. It combines the technology that is needed to provide a personalized, healthy and effective training with optimal support and guidance for every user. The cylindrical body holds all the important technical components of the intelligent trainer assistent and is portable so it can be used in different environements. The reduced formal design blends seamlessly into every interior design.

What is special?

Based on the platform the project explores the future of home fitness and healthcare services for an aging society. By analyzing the specifics of different age-related living conditions it focuses on understanding the user needs of an aging population.

What is new?

Liv combines new technologies and generates each individual user his/ her personal, needs-oriented and pain-free home training on the basis of realtime-data, motion-tracking technology and life-feedback. It provides information and a platform for an active and healthy lifestyle.