Delivery Service Design Uni-Guerrilla

Future Autonomous Logistics Vehicle/Robot

Ruofan Liu

Dezember / December - 2022

Fachhochschule Potsdam

Master of Arts


The project examines the problems of the existing courier delivery system, addresses the issues of the “last mile”, and seeks to leverage self-driving and AI technologies to reduce pressure on the system and improve the user experience. Concept: The system is based on a university courier station geared toward students and staff on campus, It includes a driverless courier vehicle, a bipedal walking robot that works with the vehicle, and an associated intelligent courier box. The unmanned delivery vehicle will bring both the package and the robot to the location where the customer has ordered a delivery.The walking robot will ascend the stairs and deliver the package to the front door. This automated system will relieve the burden on manual couriers and provide customers with a more efficient and higher quality service.