Effect and Design of Light in Public Spaces

Lilli Seiler


Mai / May - 2022

Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen

Bachelor of Arts


This bachelor project is about the examination of light in public space. The result is a bus stop that increases the individual feeling of safety in the dark through its construction and especially through its lighting design. The reason for the bachelor thesis is provided by studies that on the one hand prove the influence of light on human perception (cf. HCL - definition and potential), and on the other hand also studies that reveal the necessity of developing safety at bus stops (cf. Licht.wissen 03. Straßen, Wege und Plätze 2016: 38-39). The development phase resulted in the construction of a bus stop that, in addition to the light walls, also supports the perception of safety through its rounded elements and its extended exits. Another added value is generated by its modularity, which leads to a versatile usability in different environments.