Lebenswerte Stadtentwicklung / Liveable urban development

im Bezug auf die Stadt Pforzheim / in relation to the city Pforzheim

Andreas Dannemann

Februar / February - 2022

Hochschule Pforzheim

Bachelor of Arts


How can design contribute to a vital urban development in Pforzheim? This was the question I addressed in my bachelor's thesis. Cities are an interesting field for experimentation in view of the numerous crises we are currently facing. Due to their population density and agility, solutions can be tested and, if successful, scaled up. The competences of industrial design as well as other design directions are the foundation of a solution approach. One problem of Pforzheim is the large distance between people, and between the people and the city's administration. This also shows a contradiction to theoretical ideas of livable cities, e.g. the idea of a well-connected city. One of the core competences of designers is to build bridges and to bundle different needs and interests in a design concept. Based on this, I developed an experimental method that was tested in public space.