Eine neue Art zu arbeiten / A new way of working

Jonas Geyer

Mai / May - 2022

Bauhaus Universität Weimar

Bachelor of Arts


Kipp, Flip and Hopp are the perfect solutions for the modern problem of Sedentary Behaviour. Over the last 100 years we have been experiencing an alarming increase in diseases and illnesses directly caused by the excessive time we spend sitting or lying down while our bodies require us to move. With Kipp, Flip and Hopp the time spent behind a desk is no longer the static and unhealthy activity we all know; instead, the user is encouraged to move, change their posture and vary how they work. Hopp transforms the otherwise level desk into an interactive landscape, encouraging the user to stand when they would otherwise sit. Flip is the playful element needed to encourage users to move, as even the smallest change in posture could result in a healthier way to complete otherwise static tasks. Kipp is the multi-tool, encouraging the user to change between sitting, leaning, slouching and balancing on it, making it perfect for modern offices as well as for working from home.