A hybrid solution to an exercise and a mobility device

Sanket Senapati

März / March - 2022

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


PACE is targeted at people who look for a Road-Bike cycling experience. For people who own Road-Bike(s) or are able and willing to afford the hobby and for them who can't do so appropriately owing to reasons such as reduced endurance and power because of age and such. The PACE helps out in that scenario by working fundamentally as an Ebike or a Pedelec. It would work only when powered by pedals. It can double up as an indoor bike for exercise purposes. It is solely battery powered with an electric motor as its final drive. The bike itself is substantially heavier than any Ebike because of a large primary battery at the center between the pedals giving a low center of gravity and enhanced balance. An option of a removable secondary battery above the primary one doubles up as a storage space when the secondary battery is absent. The reason for bigger battery is to give the ability and range for the device to reach speeds of upto 65kph and deliver a professional cyclist experience.