Kuori Camper

A future camping concept

Alison Thiel

Greenboats GmbH

April / April - 2022

Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel

Bachelor of Arts


Car camping is getting more important as it is an easy way for most urban citizens to escape the city and explore nature. As more people are becoming interested in car camping, not everyone has the space and money to buy a camper or the time and knowledge to build their own. While camping is labeled as being a sustainable activity, most motorhomes and campers are not designed to enhance a responsible way of camping since they are often equipped with energy consuming fittings and built with fossil compound materials like GRP which can’t be reused or recycled. “Kuori” is a minimalist camper cabin designed for an offroad vehicle to enable nature-based camping on a renting or sharing basis. The cabin has space for two people and can be used for short trips into natural areas away from crowded campsites. Using panels made from bio-based materials enables easy construction and minimalize the carbon footprint of the cabin. This project was created in cooperation with GREENBBOATS GmbH