Knit Relaxation

Max Eschenbach

September / September - 2020

Kunsthochschule Kassel



The diploma thesis "Knit Relaxation" is dedicated to the potentials of textile membranes, as they are used in interior design and architecture. The focus lies with construction systems in which the membrane is designed as a knit fabric and produced using computer-controlled knitting machines. The question of how such structures can initially be sketched and designed using contemporary, digital design tools is addressed. Furthermore, possibilities of how such textile designs can be translated into fabrication data are evaluated. The prototype of an open-source software was developed as a practical result of this examination: "Cockatoo" allows knitting patterns to be derived from 3D geometry for production on CNC knitting machines. The elaborate construction of three-dimensional knitting patterns - otherwise often carried out manually stitch by stitch - is largely automated and taken over by geometric and graph-theoretical algorithms.