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User-Centred Design of a Guide System at Future Autonomous Shuttle Stops

Sebastian Stege

ÖG-Projekt: FlexCAR / Projektträger PTKA Teilnehmer: BMBF, Mercedes-Benz AG / Fördernummer: 02P18Q640 / CO-Autor: Jan Daßler

Januar / January - 2023

Technische Universität Dresden

Bachelor of Arts


The “Interactive Design Stop” demonstrates the human-centred digitalisation of a future 5G mobility infrastructure. It was developed as a demonstration concept as part of the publicly funded FlexCAR project in ARENA2036. The design comprises a holistic system of automated shuttles, digital shuttle stops, and transport network at the airport, connected by the infrastructure of a 5G network modelled on smart mobility. As a physical-digital interface, the stop enables a transition between means of transport. An integrated guidance system provides users with relevant information between the shuttle and the airport building in order to help users find their way to the check-in counter easier and faster, especially at large airports. The design, as a basis for building a prototype, helps to experience and better understand the benefits as well the hurdles of future smart mobility.