Vera Stassen

November / November - 2020

Kunsthochschule Weissensee

Master of Arts


INSPIRARE is an interactive exhibition concept that allows to experience the invisible symbiosis between humans and microorganisms found in water. Globally, more and more people are distancing themselves from a natural way of life and thus losing their sense for symbiotic processes on our planet. Science helps us to make the partly invisible processes of this circulatory system visible through its research. There is a lack of methods that convey the at times complex processes and findings in a low-threshold and sensual way. This is where the INSPIRARE exhibition concept comes in. At the interface of nature, design and technology, knowledge objects have been created that vividly convey a complex context to the viewers to make them into an integral part of the process in a sensual and poetic way. The basis for this is a holistic spatial concept in which the viewers pass through three stations.