Florian Müller

Juni / June - 2020

Kunsthochschule Kassel



HOOD is a floor lamp for a contemporary living and working environment.

What is the Topic?

The luminaire was developed as part of the diploma thesis "Home Office Lighting". In the final thesis, lighting situations at home workplaces were examined. Most lighting products for the home are not suitable for long-term use in the home office. HOOD creates a room of light that promotes concentrated work and combines performance with homely aesthetics.

Why does it look like this?

The classic office floor lamp was chosen as the typology because it guarantees the greatest independence in terms of placement. It can be positioned next to a table or next to a seating group. The switch on the top of the foot can be easily reached from the sitting position, which allows the brightness to be controlled intuitively. The reflector is illuminated from below and illuminates the work area generously.

What is special?

The light of the luminaire adapts to the natural course of daylight. A light with a higher blue component in the morning ensures an active start to the day. Towards evening, the colour temperature changes to a warmer light, creating a relaxing effect. The luminaire is supplied as a shippable flat pack and can be mounted without tools. The reflector foil is folded and inserted into a concealed groove to form the three-dimensional shade, which provides a large lighting volume.

What is new?

HOOD was developed as a task light for the home office. Special focus was placed on the correct illumination of computer workstations. In contrast to the classic office floor lamp, it is formally located in living space.