Making Stories Tangible Again

Marvin Kinkele

Diakonie Weimar

Oktober / October - 2022

Kunsthochschule Kassel



Our environments harbour invisible stories. Stories that have shaped people, places and ultimately cultures. When stories are no longer passed on, places lose their meaning and identity. I want to preserve perspectives on places, revive them and make them tangible. Through the use of listening stations and audio walks, stories and cultures are to be brought to life. The portfolio includes conception, product design and production: listening stations with different designs, audio and content production, as well as a guide app for digital tours. Depending on the context, the concept and products can be adapted to the environment. The content production conveys site-specific content first-hand. There are no external speakers who string facts together; contemporary witnesses and personalities convey first-hand content. “HistoryHYPE” wants to make history a low-threshold experience, make it more attractive, and strengthen the local economy.