Hadern 2.0

What can we do with textile waste?

Hedda Sophie Korthals

Institut für Werkstofftechnik/ Kunststofftechnik Universität Kassel

April / April - 2023

Kunsthochschule Kassel



Hadern 2.0 is a textile-based material research project based on textile by-products from the production of wool and cotton products. Due to the material blends or fibres that were not long enough, many of these materials cannot be recycled or industrially processed. Through material combinations and the use of technological processes, circular composite materials were developed from the potential raw materials as part of the study. The fibre-based composite material created can be pressed into a lightweight panel material in addition to various shapes. To showcase the material in an application context, lampshades were designed from the developed materials following the series of experiments. In collaboration with an institute of plastic engineering, a fibre-reinforced plastic composite based on bio-polyamide in combination with the cotton fibres from the waste streams was developed simultaneously.