Bastian Thürich

Juni / June - 2020

Universität der Künste Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


In the experimental project "GRAVITATIONS", complex oscillation geometries are realized in porcelain using a pendulum and a "pendulum casting process" developed for it.

What is the Topic?

The designer becomes an explorer. A new experience can be gained when working with the pendulum device. It is no longer a matter of devising forms and realizing them. Rather, it is important to find out how assistance can be provided and properly observed when forms manifest in accordance with physical principles. Through the change of perspective from the maker to the observer, in a posthumanistic sense, fundamental information about shaping processes and design practices that are immanent in the world can be found out.

Why does it look like this?

The geometries based on mathematical-physical laws have always been there. They are something like archetypes on which the natural shape of our environment is based. As a result, they are deeply rooted in our aesthetic consciousness.

What is special?

The almost infinite variety of shapes can be predicted and repeated to a certain extent. If (as far as possible) all relevant factors remain the same from one shuttle process to the next, we can speak of a repetitive manufacturing process. However, there is still a "same same, but different" effect.

What is new?

There are pictures painted using the pendulum technique. So far, however, the principle has never been translated into a "pendulum casting technique" that creates three-dimensional objects. With this new approach, it is possible to realize everyday objects with high aesthetic quality.