GLAS + [ x ] = EXUVIA

Anna Holzapfel

Februar / February - 2018

Kunsthochschule Kassel


In this project, I experiment with the interaction between hot glass and a second material [ x ]. The result is the lighting series EXUVIA and a new method to engrave, grind and color glass with the help of textile shells.

What is the Topic?

The open set-up provides scope for the coincidental, like a random encounter of molecules during a chemical reaction. By this, I add an irrational action to the design process. In the experimental range GLAS + [ x ] as well as in the EXUVIA lights the topics decay / transformation / moulting / rebirth are visible as material shreds, scraps and traces of color.

Why does it look like this?

The chosen [ textile ] materials engrave, color, emboss, print and form the glass each in ist unique way.

What is special?

The process of finishing and refining the blown glass after cooling (so called „cold-working“) usually is a delicate and labour intense process. With the developed production method, the glass objects are refined already during the hot forming, what makes further finishing unnecessary.

What is new?

For centuries glass is coloured by metal additives. After evaluation of the glass + [ x ] experiments I found a new way to patinate the glass surface: through oxidation of the metal mesh onto the hot glass surface. Depending on the chosen alloy, the glass shimmers in nuances of rosé, champagne or gold.