Gestalten für die Zukunft von Produktion und Handel am Beispiel Produktindividualisierung für die Orthopädie

Liesa Maerevoet

Januar / January - 2019

Fachhochschule Potsdam


Product customization for orthopedics: A comprehensive concept for designing a process chain, from design, execution and production planning to production and distribution. It explains how co-creation and product customization combined with innovative manufacturing methods can be beneficial and sustainable for the patient and the practitioner.

What is the Topic?

The production paradigm of mass production is moving towards a model based on fast responsiveness, flexibility and efficiency, so that local factory-on-demand businesses are enjoying great success. Due to the rapid development of digital technologies, external drivers are increasingly influencing all areas of production. It creates opportunities for collective co-production and opportunity, with highly personalized and demand-oriented products always to be in line with current market trends. I have examined the potential offered by current technological developments and in what context users customize their products and theirs adapt to physical needs and contextual needs.

Why does it look like this?

Using state-of-the-art technology, such as 3D scan and 3D printing, each product is a unique, individually designed product. It is tailored to the body shape and perfectly adapted to the needs. Comfort is controllable and changes can be made quickly.

What is special?

The concept of product personalization of orthopedic devices tailored to the wearer leads to better quality of life and better therapeutic success. The desire for self-optimization is omnipresent. That's why the model is scalable and can be transferred to other areas of life. Conceivable in this context are personalized protective clothing for work and sports, such as e.g. Helmets and protectors. The design of this product incorporates expert knowledge, user experience and contextual needs of the user.

What is new?

The concept is a holistic solution, a small microcosm in which co-creation creates successful products. It provides co-creation tools: Co-creation tools are used for customization and customization of patient-specific parameters. The tools should allow for input and delivery of patient-specific, context-sensitive data and lead to a personalized care solution. A distinction is made between instruments, data acquisition and investigation, decision-making, design and communication. In addition, the dusty orthopedic business will be reinvented and transformed into a pleasant place for encounters, innovation and production.