Gestalten & Ausstellen

Lisa Wübbeler & Friederike Wübbeler

Oktober / October - 2019

Kunsthochschule Kassel



It is a research work in the field of exhibition design studying the influence of design on exhibitions, in particular in design museums.

What is the Topic?

The graduation project "gestalten & ausstellen/ designing & exhibiting" deals with exhibiting design objects in museums. It questions the common presentation of design objects as works of art and therefore examines how they can be showcased in a more experimental as well as more design specific way. By using both scientific as well as design methods it explores how and by which means design objects are presented in exhibitions.

Why does it look like this?

The work is influenced by the current tendency of looking at an (everyday) object from different angles and backgrounds (see MacGuffin magazine, collection.typologie). Likewise we looked at exhibitions from different perspectives, listened to different interviewees and examined the past and future of exhibitions. That's why it is a presentation and collection of different approaches.

What is special?

Design exhibitions are identified as hybrids between science and art exhibitions. Starting from this hypothesis more than 25 exhibitions in Europe in the field of art, science and design were analysed using a specifically developed questionnaire. In this way, the work was able to determine specific properties of design exhibitions.

What is new?

In contrast to art and science exhibitions, there are only a few research studies dealing with design exhibitions. Even though it's a hybrid between the first two, design exhibitions have their very own specific requirements, challenges, and potentials.