Fragments of Mining

A Design-Specific Investigation into the Swabian Jura Sediments

Kyra Heilig
Lenn Gerlach

Werkforum Dotternhausen, Geologin Dr. Annette Schmid-Röhl, Geologin Luisa Meirtz, Museum Mühlheim-Donau, Museum Waldstetten, Stadtmuseum Schelklingen, Mey-Textil.

Juli / July - 2022

Staatliche Akademie für Bildende Künste Stuttgart



"Fragments of Mining" explores the geology of the Swabian Alb. The sedimentary layers Lias, Dogger, and Malm were investigated in a design-specific way. The resulting objects embody narratives about origins, geology and local industries. “I.Lias” is an installation of found slate fragments. The sculptural objects elude conventional functions. The pieces were connected with steel clamps, whose engraved numbers illustrate the formation of the stone, which lasted for thousands of years. “II.Dogger” deals with the exploration of the rock. Tools and work clothes needed for this purpose were made exclusively from the raw materials of the layer and are a reference to local manufacturing processes. “III.Malm” explores the natural phenomenon of karst stone growth. Through an experimental setup, in a calcareous stream, rock is deposited on the rough surface. The vessels created by nature can be returned to the cycle in the same way.