Space Design for the RIA Feminist Cultural Center

Lara Molenda in Kooperation mit Anna Unterstab, Philip Peters, Irini Schwab

InterAct e.V. / RIA Wilhelmsburg

Juli / July - 2022

Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg

Bachelor of Arts


The RIA is a self-organized neighborhood center in Hamburg's Wilhelmsburg district. The neutral, large, and improvised space requires few amenities for the diverse uses of the space. Over the course of several workshops we established the needs, wishes, and utopias of the user group. During this collaboration, it became clear that there is not only a lack of concept for a suitable space, but also a lack of joint knowledge production in which the interests of the different user groups can meet to embody a common feminist vision. Following this initial situation, a fluid space concept emerged at the RIA. The design is based on the concept of fluidity from queer feminist theory. It determined the spatial design on the basis of a movable spatial structure that embodies the diversity of the feminist movement and the neighborhood and distances itself from entrenched dogmas and binary structures.