fleeting fragments

The Exploration of Ephemeral States in Materiality

Constanze Chrosch

Januar / January - 2023

Hochschule Düsseldorf

Bachelor of Arts


In “fleeting fragments”, Constanze Chrosch explores ephemeral states and their visual manifestations. At the core of her investigation lies the question of how to capture and showcase the essence of the fleeting in its entirety. Her focus is on manifesting the ephemeral within objects, drawing attention to their inherent properties. To accomplish this, she employed both stable and impermanent materials, as well as the medium of photography, to explore their translation into tangible forms. Meticulous observations in photography led to an experimental approach involving liquid wax, giving rise to delicate structures and shapes. Analogue and digital translation processes were precisely examined. The resulting jewellery pieces and sculptures embody a fascination with the constant flux of things.