Wilhelm Lange

November / November - 2020

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach



Transitional objects and spaces in between as the basis for my Concept - solution approach cuddling: Physical well-being through tactile human-human and human-object interactions. In psychoanalysis there is the model of transitional objects & in-between spaces.The creative space between fantasy and reality is called interspace in psychoanalysis. We usually get into this in-between space with individual, so-called transitional objects. A classic example of transitional objects in it are cuddly toys. With the cuddly toy as a transitional object, infants learn to understand and endure the spatial separation from their parents and thus learn to be alone without being lonely. For children this mode is existential, for adults it offers an opportunity for an everyday escape and thus to rest and grow. For an adult, a transitional object - be it a toy, a cuddly pillow or a lucky charm - is a break from reality. Healing through cuddling, a physical human-object interaction.