fabric-light , 3D Ceramic Manufacture

Lukas Winter

Juli / July - 2018

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar


fabric-light is a lighting manufacturer. We manufacture our products using our own porcelain 3D printing process. The process makes it possible to produce very fine structures and thin wall thicknesses that would not be possible with conventional ceramic production. In our manufactory we combine handcrafted porcelain with high-tech 3D technology

What is the Topic?

With the foundation of fabric-light a platform has been created, which allows different Aspects of design, technology, Craft and trade united. A high priority is given to the research and development of of applications of the special 3D ceramic printings. The economic aspect in so far as a role, that products should be created that are also for the consumer in a certain financial framework. The balance between design, restrictions in the production and financial The expenditure for a product is always a Part of the fabric-light products. First and foremost applications were in the field of lighting technology and

Why does it look like this?

fabric-light objects are produced as exclusive unique pieces and in very small series. designed. When designing, we pursue a high standard of aesthetic quality. Quality and design according to the application. Design concepts and Designs are adapted to the manufacturing process.

What is special?

Structures that exploit the potential of the manufacturing process to show. The investigation served to find structures which can be reproduced well in the manufacturing process and positive properties for later use as a light object have. There have been tissue-like structures with loops and interwoven surfaces proven. These open areas with very small openings create an exciting atmosphere for the play of light and provide for a good heat management of the luminaires. Curved surface complexes with Undercuts and vertical edge lines create a multi-layered shadow play. These shapes have also in the 3D printing process and in fires proven. Structures Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

What is new?

To transfer 3D ceramic printing with simple means from the researching, experimental area into serial production.