Ésoptron Spiegelobjekte

Moving reflexion – An expansion of perspective

Beatrice Cadar

Januar / January - 2023

Hochschule Düsseldorf

Master of Arts


The Ésoptron Mirrors are two distinctive mirror objects made of polished stainless steel that create distortions and reflections through their particular design, raising questions about vanity, self-reflection and the relationship between the individual and the environment. The name Ésoptron, derived from ancient Greek and refers to the original material: metal. The mirrors are composed of convex, concave, and planar shapes and surfaces that allow for holistic reflections and dissolve the boundaries of space. The design uses the addition and subtraction of material as well as negative space to create a subtle irritation in the image. The Ésoptron mirrors encourage the viewer to interact and create oscillating reflections of the environment. The pure mirror surfaces absorb the space with all its nuances while merging into each other.