Vessels for Collaborative Cooking and Eating

Paula Rocke

Juni / June - 2022

Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee

Bachelor of Arts


"commensal" is a set of bowls, spoons and matching lids made of wood and ceramics. Due to the high firing temperature of the ceramics, the objects are heat resistant and can even be used in the oven during the preparation process. The objects can be combined in different ways which allows for a variety of applications: ceramic lids turn the bowls into stewing pots, while wooden lids allow for food storage. Unglazed bowls belonging to the set are optimal for baking bread due to their capillary action. "commensal" is designed to be used by several people. Sharing a common vessel creates intimacy and closeness between the table guests, which encourages direct and unhindered communication. Using the same bowl creates a sensory communal experience; it allows for an exceptionally social and enjoyable ritual.