Die medizinische Sitzhaltungskorrektur / Medical sitting posture corrector

Behnaz Hasani Darabadi

März / March - 2022

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar



Sitting one leg crossed on the other (on a chair) is associated with health problems as the person would inevitably have an improper posture.''Ergo+'' helps users break this habit and includes an application. The user wears the device on his both legs and the device connects wirelessly to the mobile app. Whenever the user crosses one leg on the other, the device vibrates, signaling the user to avoid this posture, while also sending a signal to the app. The average number of times the user has sat in this position can be seen as a graph in the app (to monitor progress). Observing daily progress is a positive reinforcement and can help the process of quitting bad habits. The app includes a reward section to encourage the users: If users reach a specified record, they are allowed to receive the prize they themselves have set in the app before. There is a sports section in the app where the users are provided with helpful stretching videos that they can do during their break at work.