Vermittlungsraum Wartenau

Ein Raum um etwas zu lernen, was es noch nicht gibt / A space to learn something that does not yet exist

Veronica Andres
Anna Manlig
Lara Molenda

Prof. Dr. Nora Sternfeld, Prof. Dr. Anja Steidinger und die Studierenden der Kunstpädagogik

Januar / January - 2022

Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg

Master of Arts


How can we learn something that does not yet exist? Actually, it seems impossible and yet that is precisely what learning is all about. With this in mind, Veronica Andres, Anna Manlig and Lara Molenda have developed a design concept for a meeting room at the HFBK that does not reduce the elements of the space to their mere function, but turns them into actors of potential future uses. The functionality and aesthetics of the various elements are designed in such a way that they become actors in their own right who have an expression of character. Unlike sham democratic lounge architectures, they expose the crisis of democracy rather than anticipate its solution in design. The infrastructure does not make itself invisible, but rather shows its own structuring action and demands different forms of appropriation that have to be renegotiated again and again.