Entwurf eines Augmented Reality Interface / Design of an Augmented Reality Interface

zur Vereinfachung des Roboterprogrammierens / Simplifying Robot Programming

Carolin Horn

Wandelbots GmbH

Juni / June - 2021

Technische Universität Dresden



Robot programming requires expert knowledge and is usually a time-consuming and highly complex process. This diploma thesis researches possible solutions for this problem by combining Augmented Reality (AR) and robotics – a highly innovative union. AR offers novel interaction modalities such as hand gestures and the possibility to superimpose virtual simulations over reality. More intuitive and accessible interfaces allow non-experts in robotics to teach robot paths in a safe way with less training time. Also, experts can profit from advanced virtual simulations of robotic cells. Resources and time can be reduced as the construction of robotic cells can be prototyped onsite. The focus of this thesis is the problem analysis in form of expert interviews and the subsequent user-centered product development. Based on the findings, an interface prototype is developed with the Microsoft HoloLens 2 AR headset. The result of the work is the evaluation of the prototype with potential users.