E-Learning Platform "Playfully Self-Employed"

Start-Up Knowledge for Creatives and the Paradigm Shift Toward Individual Learning

Lisa Rehbock

Nexster Entrepreneurship Center der Hochschule Hannover/ Nexster Entrepreneurial Education Center HSH

Januar / January - 2023

Hochschule Hannover

Bachelor of Arts


"Playfully Self-Employed" is an online learning platform for creative students who aspire to start a business. These young adults often lack basic economic literacy and the economic value of their work. Conventional offers for acquiring knowledge involve time-consuming literary research or purely text-based websites which are not intuitive to use. "Playfully Self-Employed" offers answers to all questions about start-ups out of the creative industry in condensed learning units which are briefly summarised, multimedial and available at any time. Within just a few minutes, students can acquire long-lasting knowledge with maximum learning effectiveness and clarify start-up questions in their "moment of need": as soon as they arise. The micro-content strategy can be easily integrated into any daily routine. Learning in small units increases retention and the use of gamified elements makes learning more fun.