Regalsystem / Shelving System

David Blumberg

März / March - 2022

Hochschule Darmstadt



The simple design of the shelving system makes it attractive for a variety of end users with different needs. Thus, it can be used as a utility item in offices or retail spaces, but its unobtrusive design and easy assembly make it suitable for home users as well. Commercial shelving systems are usually equipped with a simple row of holes in the vertically running side part. System 32" is used for this purpose. This results in fixed sizes of the furniture sides in height, depth and width. DSR_01 uses an extrusion in "U" shape and a "runner" sliding in it, which can be fixed by a lock. This offers the possibility of a convenient infinitely variable adjustment of the shelf height, without the need to count individual holes. The universal shelving system DSR offers maximum possibilities and adapts to any room situation. Any spacing, easy assembly, minimal frustration.