Personalised Breast Prostheses

Dominique Bertisch

März / March - 2023

Universität der Künste Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


“doubleyou” is a bachelors project with the goal of making personalised breast prostheses affordable to everyone in need of them. My goal is not to show anyone what the perfect prosthesis looks like or what features it should have. My goal is to encourage everyone to develop their own idea of what their ideal prosthesis needs and then give them the tools to create exactly that. Because you are able to create the form on your own, you remain independent of the selection at your local health care supply store, where the prostheses are often oriented toward unrealistic beauty standards. One study found that most women cannot fully accept their prosthesis, and remove it as soon as they are alone or with close friends and family. That gave rise to the idea of designing a form that mirrors the remaining breast. I hope to use this project to break down barriers and simplify access to personalised prostheses for more people.