Discrimination by Design

Ein Lösungsansatz zur Minimierung der Benachteiligung von Frauen durch Produktdesign / A solution approach to minimise women's disadvantage through product design

Jana Schwarzfischer

September / September - 2022

Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg

Bachelor of Arts


In order to minimize the disadvantages faced by women in industrial and product design, the umix concept was concept umix. The users can, individually or individually or within a team, with the help of the user cards randomly compiled personas for their target group target group, in order to gain more perspectives and and to critically question their own design. These cards are based on statistical data, current data on the population in Germany and are divided into seven categories on ten cards categories. Using the design guide and the podcast provide additional information about inclusive design approaches. All components are designed to show users new possibilities, which they can integrate into their own design process and thus improve it, and to establish an exchange about the topic.