Design & Therapie

A Design Concept for MZEB Oldenburg

Florentine Voigt
Gesa Janßen

Medizinisches Zentrum für Erwachsene mit geistiger oder schwerer Mehrfachbehinderung Oldenburg / Medical center for adults with mental or severe multiple disabilities Oldenburg

Juli / July - 2022

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Master of Arts


Interior design can reduce stress, improve the quality of a stay in healthcare buildings and support the therapy and recovery process. In cooperation with the Medical Center for Adults with Mental or Severe Multiple Disabilities Oldenburg (abbreviated: MZEB), we developed a design concept that combines spaces, objects, and processes, and addresses the needs of all participants. We will only succeed in creating a space that does justice to everyone when we interact with the user groups and change our perspective. The results include a colour and space concept, a modular sensory trolley and two therapy-supporting mobiles.