Design for Circularity

Using the Example of the New Standard Walker

Leonardo Nicola

Februar / February - 2023

Hochschule Pforzheim

Bachelor of Arts


More and more designers are recognizing that the linear economy is damaging our environment. In the bachelor thesis "Design for Circularity" pre-existing as well as my own theses regarding the circularity of products were analysed, established and expanded in order to evaluate already existing products and new products yet to be designed. The standard walker was chosen as an example. The challenge in designing a new walker was to combine the circularity requirements as well as the specific product requirements. The result embodies both a circular way of thinking and an integrated design that is user-friendly for everyone. Special features here include airless tires, an integrated light, ergonomic positioning of the handles, and much more. In addition, only secondary materials are to be used, in order to be able to start the production of the walker with an already closed material cycle.