Nachhaltige Glasbecher / Sustainable Tumbler

Hyung Min Park

Oktober / October - 2021

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar



DARI is a tumbler that uses bamboo, an eco-friendly material, to maintain the characteristics of glass and compensate for its shortcomings. It is generally said that paper cups are more eco-friendly than plastic disposable cups. But paper cups also have a short life cycle. Therefore, the use of reusable tumblers is recommended as a social campaign. DARI was developed for the purpose of this campaign. Existing stainless steel tumblers consume a lot of energy during the manufacturing process, and their unique iron taste is divided into likes and dislikes. As an alternative to that, I suggest a glass tumbler. However, it was designed to secure heat conductivity and damage, which are disadvantages of glass, with bamboo covers so that it can be used with confidence.